Thursday, May 5, 2011

This is the back loft. Mike built stairs that go up to the loft. He used an old piece of wood as the newel post.
The back loft has 2 rooms. We hope to put beds in the back loft for guests.
Sitting on one of my favorite benches. I'm so glad Mike has used so many of the original wood from the barn.

All great artists make a mess!!!!!!

Mike made me a cutting table...isn't it fantastic? He made it with 7 different woods. I only remember cherry, butternut, and oak. I can't wait to cut my first quilt on it.
New bed in front loft. It took me a whole day to put it together. The mattress is so comfy.
Mike filled in the area between the beams with wallboard and then made a special plaster and painted it "Mercer White". I really like it!
Well I went back to Maine April 13th. Dad couldn't wait to get back, but of course there was SNOW!!!!! We had several snowstorms...I loved it!!