Friday, November 18, 2011

Breakfast and dinner will be served here in the kitchen. Lunch will be served in the Quilting Barn.

There is also a large room upstairs with 3 twin beds and 1 double bed. There is a complete kitchen that is available, although we will provide food if it is requested.
This is the upstairs bedroom that is located in a darling "cubbyhole" room that is nicknamed the "birthing room". Evidently my ancestors used this room because the chimney goes straight up the center and keeps the room warm. The walls are the original brown ash and very beautiful.

Two twin beds are also on the ground floor next to the kitchen. There are two full baths on the ground floor.
Our 1790 guest house sleeps 8 comfortably. This is the downstairs bedroom with a double bed.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mike and his Dad, Frank moving an old saw rig.
Well we're filling this building up fast....guess we need to start building another one. Where's Mike?
This is one of antique farm rigs that he will store in the carriage house. He has always wanted to have a museum to display the old farm implements.
This is the new "carriage house" with a little snow. Dad put his tractors and old machinery inside.