Thursday, November 18, 2010

Someone once said, "little wood, little fire. Big wood, big fire" He was right! I loved building a fire every day in my Round Oak stove.

his door goes into the bathroom. It use to be the door that you entered when the "L" was connecting the house to the barn. If you're not from Maine you probably didn't realize that most people had an "L" on their house so they didn't have to go outside to feed the animals in the barn.....oh and by the way that is where the out house was located. The "L" was a very fragrant place. Anyway when my dad took down the "L" (because my mother wasn't having that) he saved the old door. The glass is still in good condition. I plan on putting up a curtain just in case you were wondering.

Our road was full of pot holes and my dad was tired of waiting for the town to scrape he got out his own scraper and as Ken drove the tractor my dad operated the scraper. He was in "hog heaven" don't cha know.

I was very fortunate to return to Maine this month to view the progress on the barn. Wow! What a difference! The cedar shingles are completed as well as the bookcase. In the photo you can see the "stair ladder" to the sleeping loft.

Mike and Ken built the deck in 2 days!!! It is made of cedar planks and is beautiful. I wasn't able to see the railings that will go around the deck, they won't arrive for several weeks, but Mike says I will like them. Each post (there are 15) will have a solar light in the top. It should be very beautiful at night. I can't tell you how happy the barn makes me feel. Many days and a few cold nights I would just sit in the barn and think, plan and dream of our "Grand Opening".

See that crazy bench I am sitting on? Well it is all from wood that I didn't want to throw away...each piece has a story and I just love it, although you can't sit too close to the stove.

The kitchen counter is one LARGE plank......Dad wanted to keep the large planks and this was a perfect place for it.

On Veterans Day dad and I attended a ceremony to honor veterans. It was organized by Senator Tom Sauviello. My dad wore his uniform and looked great.