Thursday, November 18, 2010

I was very fortunate to return to Maine this month to view the progress on the barn. Wow! What a difference! The cedar shingles are completed as well as the bookcase. In the photo you can see the "stair ladder" to the sleeping loft.

Mike and Ken built the deck in 2 days!!! It is made of cedar planks and is beautiful. I wasn't able to see the railings that will go around the deck, they won't arrive for several weeks, but Mike says I will like them. Each post (there are 15) will have a solar light in the top. It should be very beautiful at night. I can't tell you how happy the barn makes me feel. Many days and a few cold nights I would just sit in the barn and think, plan and dream of our "Grand Opening".

See that crazy bench I am sitting on? Well it is all from wood that I didn't want to throw away...each piece has a story and I just love it, although you can't sit too close to the stove.

The kitchen counter is one LARGE plank......Dad wanted to keep the large planks and this was a perfect place for it.

On Veterans Day dad and I attended a ceremony to honor veterans. It was organized by Senator Tom Sauviello. My dad wore his uniform and looked great.

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  1. The photos really tell the story, Carol! So fun to see them - I am excited for you!